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Here is how to build the business right just click the video below.

Click the above picture to see the compensation plan 

Neumi App for Android and AppleThis is a must to connect to what is going on.

  • Download the app from Google Play or Apple Store.
  • Log in with your Neumi credentials.
  • Click “Next” on all screens until you get notice you are set up.  You will do the details later.
  • Log back in and go to the bottom of the app and click the + sign under “Cards”.
  • Turn on all notifications for the beginning.  You can change them later.
  • Check the icons on the bottom for Home, Media, Prospects, Calendar, and Notifications.
  • There is a desktop version in your back office. Best for email and social media.

Dr Jerry

Tracy Biller
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Steven K Scott



New website

If you are open for a Blessing watch the video
Below. Only the people who are serious well watch.
Make sure you have pen and paper.
Even if you watch it in sections, you will thank me for it later

Lead Generation Powered by AI

The Benefits of AI-generated Leads

For those that are truly interested in building their business. This is an amazing book. Take the time to listen at your pace. I personally love chapter 5.


The first book I ever read about network marketing.